Hi Vodka

Cannabis lovers shouldn’t be surprised to hear that a distillery in Norfolk County, in the heart of Ontario’s Garden, is planning to distill batches of vodka made with canabinoids (THC & CBD). However, at this time, such a product can not exist which is why we have taken the first steps to being the worlds most recognized line of infused spirits, and created a blend made with hemp.

Dover Distilleries, which makes award winning vodka, has teamed up with PUR farmaceuticals to create the worlds first hemp infused vodka legal for export around the world .

With legalization in the headlines, it is only natural that a groundbreaking new product such as hi vodka would attract a double-take from consumers. Of course, anyone familiar with the cannabis industry knows that a legal cannabinoid infused will be our goal once it becomes fully legal to produce in Canada.  For now it is made with hemp.

Available size: 750 ml

Award Winning Vodka meets, Award Winning Cannabis